I help women who are moms set out on a path to transform their mindsets so they can create a life of empowerment and joy; I do this by helping moms find ways for things to come to them easily.

I appreciate comfort, tranquility, and stability. If I’m off-kilter in any kind of way, it is usually because I’m not in alignment with myself.

Here is the reality: I am human!

Oh my goodness! I said it!

I am not perfect and I don’t expect myself to be perfect. As an added bonus, I’m a Taurus…which means I enjoy comfort and ease. Now, if you don’t believe in astrology, no worries, my “Taurus” traits just align with who I am.

With that said, I do consistently check in with my values. I do a self-check against what I believe to be true and how those truths apply to my life. I often go back to review the values that I set as important and always come back to the same three: Family, Love, and COMFORT.

In order to truly align my life and allow things to come to me easily then I need to make decisions that best align with my values.

I love things to be easy!!! I really do. When all my senses are overwhelmed, my anxiety gets triggered. Now, I grew up poor, with a toxic extended family; as a result, I don’t shy away from challenges in any way. However, I have come to realize that I thrive most when I feel comfort, love, and have those I consider to be family around me.

So, when challenges pop up that are not aligned to my safety zone, I get triggered. Why?

If the challenges don’t align with my values, then I get frazzled and look for ways to make everything align. I listed comfort as my third value but as I am entering my 40th year of life, I realize how important comfort is for me. When I say comfort, I don’t mean living in the lap of luxury. Comfort means that I allow the universe to bring me into alignment so that things come to me easily. I believe too much resistance from the universe means the path I’m choosing isn’t the right one for me.

I feel most alive and aligned when things feel comfortable. I believe in the value of being in the risk zone but when I release any resistance and allow the universe to show me the way, then what I desire comes to me easily.

How can you make things come easily to you? What do you need to live an easier life?

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