I haven't been writing blog posts as regularly as I normally do. When I launched this site I was getting into a nice little groove, posting once a week and picking up followers. It was exciting. I even made a connection to a reader who felt ashamed about their own struggles and felt my writing helped her face reality about her condition. Back when I first started, it truly was a calling. The universe commanded me to start this blog and when the universe talks, you listen!

Then I worked to back to working full time and had another baby. I wasn't in a fog, as I have been in the past, but I was focused on everything but connecting with women through this site.

My life was moving at full speed. AND my anxiety attacks came at me with full force!!! I knew I wasn't taking of myself, I was overworking myself, I wasn't there for those I love in the way I wanted. I stopped listening to my true self. The time had come to face reality. I was blown out of my comfort zone and could no longer go backward.

The universe was talking to me and I had better listen!

We tend to get caught in our day to day lives that we forget to look for and listen to the signs around us. The universe will keep pushing us to pay attention. The messages will come more frequently and from unexpected places. I've known for a long time I had to take a step back but I convinced myself, that I had to keep pushing forward. However, I wouldn't listen so I got the kick in the butt I needed!

True to the work I am encouraging women to do, I've chosen me over the past few months. I've focused on finding Elly again. As much as I wanted this business to thrive, I had to come back to center in order to do right by all of you!

I've made stronger decisions about my health. I prioritized myself and came out better for it. I've asked for help from my loved ones. I went back to therapy. I'm staying on top of my vitamins. I have had so much support and so many people rooting for me, I didn't want to disappoint them.

Most importantly, I didn't want to disappoint myself!

So, what have I being doing???


I started listening to the Universe by...

1. I started taking anxiety medication again. The first time I was diagnosed, I took medication for only three months. As soon as I felt better, I stopped. That wasn't the best decision for my health. This time around, I am focused on the things that will help my anxiety stay at bay so I can enjoy my best life.

2. I have a strong morning routine. This has been absolutely critical for my how my day goes. I feel more secure and start my day with a clear head. After I wake up:

  • Drink hot lemon water
  • Respond to a daily reflection question
  • Read and visualize daily goals
  • Write three things I am grateful for
  • Pray, meditate and stretch

3. I am focusing on my passions! I have many and I had neglected them. Staying true to doing what I love means I enjoy every part of my day and life! The universe was telling me to make a change and I had to start here. I had to identify what I love doing, why I love doing it and how I can make it all happen.

4. I've gone to the gym. In the past, I've only gone to the gym to lose weight. This time around, I am focused on health. I'm learning to run which helps my body release tension. I am able to be more present after a good workout and sleep comes much easier.

5.I am focused on better sleep routines. I am dedicated to getting better sleep. I've learned the hard way that my anxiety is triggered when I'm exhausted. As important as a good morning routine is to start my day effectively, so is a strong night time routine. As I settle into bed I:

  • Pray
  • Write in my journal
  • Read three pages of a book each night


I am excited to be back on this journey with all of you. I have some exciting posts to share with you all over the next few weeks!