Have you had that moment where you wake up and wonder what is going on with my life? I think as humans it is refectory natural to have that moment. You had expectations for yourself and are wondering where the time went. As a mom, I find these moments happen even more frequently. One day your kiddo is a newborn relying on you for everything and the next moment they are off to 1st-grade making friends of their own.

So when the question of what is going on in my life comes up, I encourage to lean into the question and the feelings come up for you. As our children develop their personalities and have lives of their own, we are left in space to re-evaluate our life and what our next steps are.

• I suggest you start by identifying what your priorities are. You might be saying to yourself, my kids are important. Yes, of course. But beyond your children what do you prioritize in your life?

• My kids went back to school this week. With more time available to me, I had to stop and analyze where do I want to place my energy? What do I want to intentionally focus on?

• For example, the 20 minutes I have between their bedtime and my bedtime, will browsing facebook bring me value or will reading a book align more with who I am and want to become?

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself as you re-evaluate your life:

1. What profession would I choose if I had no restrictions?

2. What is most important to do for my physical health?

3. How connected am I to my spiritual self?

4. How do I disconnect from the world?

5. When do I feel the most connected to those around me?

6. If my children were out of the house now, what would I choose to do with my time?

7. What is making me unhappy right now?

8. What brings me the most joy?

9. What has held me back from making choices most aligned to my values?

10. What will need to change for me to take bold steps towards the life I want?

These are big questions that require you to give some serious attention to and I know you can do this momma! Sending you love!

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