I’ve been on a tracking phase lately. I’ve been tracking what I eat, how I sleep, my menstrual cycle, my bank account and how I use my time throughout the day. I don’t have have enough data to inform any decisions about my life yet but I will tell you this, I feel more freedom while tracking than at any other stage in my life.

I’ve only been at it for 2 weeks and so I’m starting to see little trends but the biggest glory has just been the awareness that comes with the tracking. The days I feel the worst in my life is when I end my day and I have no clue how I spent my time or what I ate. I just rushed through life with no clue to what was happening to me and or what I was putting out into the universe.


The sense of freedom I am feeling right now isn’t because I’m tied to my journal writing everything down, it’s because I now created the space to become aware of what I am doing without attaching expectations to it. I am not tracking anything to put myself down for not being more successful, I’m tracking to notice trends. In a few weeks, I’ll post about my journey and what results are coming out of this tracking journey. However, today I just wanted to help you take note of a process that is already providing me with benefits.

Below I’m listing the tools I’m using to track and how I’m using them:

  1. My Fitness Pal: I’m using this tool to track my macros. I started eating using the Paleo method in March and I’ve slimmed down quite a bit but I felt that I was still not getting enough nutrients. By tracking I’m noticing what I’m putting in my body and any effects it might have on me.
  2. Pear: I’m using this tool to track my fitness journey. I’ve synced it to my Apple Watch to keep track of my exercise minutes and heart rate during work outs.
  3. Debit & Credit: Super simple budgeting tool to help me track my spending. I wanted an app that would allow me to input miniul information in a fast and efficient way.
  4. PepApp: I use this app to track my menstrual cycle. I’ve actually been using this for about six months. I wanted to track my cycle after I stopped breastfeeding because I didn’t want to be caught off guard.
  5. Journal: In my journal, I write down my feelings from the day. Include my gratitude notes, a summary of my day, 1 success and 1 failure for me to learn from. I also track my sleep from the night before along with the moon cycle.

I am very much at the beginning of this journey but wanted to share with you where I’m at. As the weeks go on I will go deeper into each tool and the benefits I’m noticing from tracking and becoming more aware.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Leave comment below with information about any tools you use to track parts of your life. Would love to learn about your journey!

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