3 Reasons Why My Boys are My Inspiration

I am celebrating my 5th Mother's Day this upcoming weekend, and I want to celebrate my sons for being my inspiration. I've come a long way on this journey of motherhood. In the beginning, I was so happy to be a mother to this amazing little boy, but I was scared all the time. I kept myself isolated. I was suffering from post-partum anxiety but was not able to access the type of help I needed to heal. Fortunately, once diagnosed, I was able to receive support from my family, friends, and doctors.


This year, I have a second little guy, who I adore. I am much more confident as a mother and as a woman. As a parent, I know I am not perfect. I know my children aren't perfect. Once, I healed my wounds I was able to accept all of our flaws and parent from a place of calm and love.

Now, listen, working on my mental and emotional health takes a ton of work. The process of healing is an on-going one. However, as I move forward on this journey of Mami-hood, I recognize that I learn a lot about living with my sons.

I make space in my day to spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted time with my boys. During this block of time, I focus solely on them. I listen to stories, play games or engage in an activity because it is important to me that they see me being present with them. In the midst of this time, I spend a few minutes observing how they interact in this world:

  1. My sons are open to receiving and giving unconditional love.

As an adult, I have been conditioned to be wary of specific experiences. I don't shut myself off from the world, but I'm reluctant to engage fully. I'm always holding back from fear of being hurt or ridiculed. Not my sons'. They fully embrace all the love, people, and experiences they encounter. I see them light up when they get an embrace from a loving grandparent and are willing to share that love right back. They love without fear of negative repercussions and demand that kind of love in return. They aren't afraid of having this expectation and are vocal if they don't receive it. Their world revolves around love (and milk).

My sons are my inspiration to love myself and others without restriction.

  1. My sons take less than a minute to learn from their mistakes.

Every time I see one of them fall on the floor or hear them say a word incorrectly, I am amazed by how little these interruptions faze them. When they make a mistake, they rarely register it as an error. More often than not, they take is as a learning opportunity. If the baby falls on his bottom, he whimpers then brushes it off. Less than 30 seconds later, you will see him hoist himself right back. If the preschooler says a word incorrectly, he looks at it, shakes his head and works towards saying it correctly. There is no hesitation or questioning. They made a mistake, and now, it’s a learning opportunity.

 My sons are my inspiration to lean into learning opportunities that result from failure.



  1. My sons find joy even in moments of sadness.

I don't believe we should all be laughing our way through heartbreak, but there is something to be said about finding joy in every moment. Imagine, if you can see one thing that brings you happiness even in the darkest of days. If you can feel gratitude over one experience of loss, you can cherish the moment rather than fear it. According to them, There is always a moment of joy. When my boys are sad, scared or hurt, they can still turn to laughter. From one moment to the next they are inspired to be joyful. Their default is a joy. I value the moments I observe the switch from sadness to happiness. It makes me love these boys even more.

My sons are my inspiration to shed my hold on feeling emotions in isolation.


My sons live fully present from moment to moment. I love them and value the lessons they are teaching me daily. They don't just inspire me to be a better mom; they inspire me to be more loving, more present and more forgiving of myself and others.