As we focus on gratitude this month, I want to reflect on one very important area of my life. I want to take a moment to talk about relationships and how to make them better. One area of my life that I want to feel better in is my relationships with the adults in my life.


My husband and I make sure to spend time together but that gets overlooked because of other priorities. My friendships are also feeling the strain. I started researching ways I can make my relationships emotionally deeper and stronger. Now, I am sharing some simple actions for you to take to deepen your interactions with others! 


If you want your connections to last, then it’s crucial to invest time and effort into them. 


Try these 7 strategies to deepen your relationships:


1. Spend the entire day with the person. One of the easiest ways to build an emotionally stronger relationship and create memories is to spend an entire day with them.


2. Create a special memory. Do you both love art or scrapbooking? Do you enjoy traveling to explore and experience new locations? A special memory can involve creating an object or an event together.


3. Share your thoughts. Vulnerability in a relationship can make it stronger and healthier. Practice forgiveness.


4. Share your future plans. Share goals and life plans. Discuss common areas of life and look to support one another.


5. Share your favorite books and articles. One of the easiest ways to create a stronger relationship is to share your favorite books and articles. This allows the other person to learn more about your interests and gain a deeper understanding of you.


6. Discuss your past. Have you opened up about your past? Conversations about the past can help you bond by sharing details of your history. The other person can learn more about you and your personality.


7. Use technology to stay in touch. If you can’t see each other on a daily basis, use technology to communicate as often as possible. Your phones, tablets, and other devices can help you stay connected.


All relationships can wither and stagnate if you don’t take action to keep them fresh, alive, and exciting. Make the effort to strengthen your emotional bonds by taking action on the steps outlined above. Your rewards will be worthwhile.How do you ensure your relationships remain strong? What action steps do you take? Are there special activities that you partake in?