EVERYONE in this world gets frustrated at one time or another.
Typically, we get frustration when our expectations aren't met. You had visions of coming home to a clean home, getting everyone to bed on time and even have time to drink some tea before bed. Reality is, you walk into your house feeling like a tornado blew through while you were out and screaming at the top of your lungs ushering kids to showers, dinner and bed.

It's unrealistic to think you won't ever have expectations. When we have expectations and those aren't met we are left feeling disappointment and eventually frustrated.


Frustration isn’t enjoyable, but it can have positive benefits. We can figure out ways learn from our frustration. If we learn how to manage our feelings of frustration early on, we can help our ability to recognize our triggers before we blow up!

Try these techniques to help you manage your frustration better:

1. Stay rooted in the present moment.

The present moment is perfect as it is. It’s only when your mind wanders forward or backward in time that frustration sets in. You can only tackle what is right in front of you at this time. Ask them, "What is the next step you need to take that will help you in this situation?"

2. Focus on the progress you've made.

Celebrate the progress you've made so far. Acknowledging the progress you've made can keep you focused on learning how to grow while moving away from any mistakes you may have made.

3. Remember the times you’ve been frustrated in the past.

Remember the times you were frustrated in the past. Can you remember the details? Do the reasons why you were frustrated matter as much now? Sometimes what we find frustrating in the moment loses its power over time. Do your current feelings of frustrations remind you of a previous situation?

4. Write about it.

Take some deep breaths and write about your frustration. Sometimes it is difficult for you to voice what is bothering you and writing about it will help alleviate some of the negative feelings. Read through anything you've wrote in the past and start thinking of a way to get past this.

5. Make a list of ways to get over your frustration.

The best ideas will come from you! Make a list of 25 ways you can either prevent frustration or lessen it. What can you do next time to have a better day? Refer to the list in the future when you face another frustrating situation.

If you’re never frustrated, you’re not trying. Everyone experiences frustration on a regular basis. The key is to help you manage your frustration. Frustration is a sign that a new approach is needed.

Breathe momma! It will get better!