38 Important Things to Know About Me

You are on my website and if you did your homework, you have a sense of who I am. I wanted to dig in a little deeper for you today and share 38 important things about me.

Why 38?

Well, I turned 38 this year and I'm damn proud of who I am. This year, I've come to better understand who I as a professional, in my personal life and spiritually. I love that I am comfortable in my own skin but crave to continue growing.

Why is this post so important?

If you have read or listened to Brene Brown you know that being vulnerable is at the core of being happy. I step into vulnerability. Sometimes my anxiety gets triggered but almost always I walk away feeling more fulfilled. So, it's important for me to share and it's important for you to know that I am being vulnerable just like I ask you to be.

We are never finished products and I am no exception but I'm happy to take this step towards vulnerability. At the end of this post, let me know what else you would like to know about me.

So, let's dig in. Here are 38 important facts about me.

1. I am a huge Sci-Fi fan. I love anything that has to do with time-travel and magic. I just finished a fun series about a watch magician in 1833 London.
2. I've written a children's book. I wrote a story about my son and my mom. I've since taken in down because I'm editing the story but I look forward to republishing that book and more stories down the line.
3. I love ice-cream. If there is any food I can eat everyday it is ice-cream. I just don't keep it in the house.
4. My favorite shows usually involve Sci-Fi (shocker) and mystery. I enjoy a crime drama.
5. My ideal date involves checking out a new town, trying a new restaurant and going for a walk.
6. My husband and I moved in together 6 months after we started dating.
7. I have nicknames for all three of my kids. Munchkins, Nutter-Butter & Cookies and Cream.
8. I've had three hip surgeries. I slipped on ice at 13 and my hip has never been the same.
9. I'm messy but clean. Ha! I love a clean home but am ok if the clean laundry is piled up for a couple of days.
10. I love crafting projects. I've learned to knit and most recently, I've taken up painting.
11. I have 3 Masters degrees. I love learning. I love school.
12. I'm going to pursue my doctorate next year.
13. I need to have background noises when I'm completing work. I've had the tv or a story playing in the background since I was a kid and it just works for me.
14. I have 8 tattoos and getting more later this month.
15. My favorite color is pink.
16. I'm technically the middle child but was raised as the oldest. How? I didn't meet my older half-brother until I was 12. My younger brother is four years younger than me.
17. My parents share the same date of birth but different months (24). My brother and I do as well (17).
18. I work through my anxiety every single day. I have routines in place and it is necessary I follow my systems so that I can function well.
19. I work with a therapist online. So, 21st century of me. I love this process though. It is convenient and works for my needs.
20. I don't know how to ride a bike. See #8. I've tried to learn several times and have just come to accept that I won't be riding a bike in my lifetime.

21. One of my dreams is to spend at least a month traveling around South America. I want to visit the majority of the countries and get to know the cultures there. I want to learn about the influences that have impacted the countries in South America.
22. I've broken over 15 Android phones in my life. Ha! I blame it on clumsiness and a poor product. My friends used to joke that I should be a phone tester. Now that I use Apple phones, I haven't had a problem.
23. I love to read. In elementary school, I used to participate in story re-telling contests. I loved it. I enjoyed reading about different storylines and then acting them out.
24. I prefer to shower in the morning.
25. I hate spicy foods. I have what is called a "map tongue", which makes extra sensitive to spicy foods. I can't stand them. My husband enjoys them so I usually do the cooking.
26. I am obsessed with make up. My VIB membership is renewed yearly without breaking a sweat. I enjoy playing with the colors and coverage.
27. I don't like crowds or loud noises. Maybe it is age but I prefer quiet and calm.
28. I'm an introvert. I need to be alone in order to re-energize. I can come off as standoff-ish but usually, I'm just in my head working things out.
29. I didn't learn English until I was 5. My mom didn't know English until I was 11, so there was no need to speak English at home. Once I learned, I became a pretty good translator.
30. I get extremely anxious when I don't fully understand something. I need to understand whatever I am doing so that I can move forward.
31. I only ever wanted one son and now I have three kids! Go figure!
32. I pray every night and write in my journal every morning.
33. I love to travel but hate to fly.
34. My group of friends is dearly important to me. I keep my group small. I prefer building deep relationships with a few.
35. My husband and I have very different interests (he is into sports and I love to read) but we make it work by being there for one another. We also give each other space to explore our own interests.
36. I consider myself a chewy mami. I try my hardest to use natural products but some things are more convenient. I strike a balance as best I can.
37. I love being 38. This is an exciting year!
38. I've worked on 3 blogs and now I'm restarting again. I look forward to seeing where this blog journey takes me.

Is there anything I've shared that resonates with you? Let me know in the comments.