You hear this phrase more and more these days, but while taking care of kids, bills, and everything else, where is the space/time to make time for you? I’m here with three quick tips on how to make that happen.


Define What “Me Time” Means to You

When I ask women how they manage to take me time, they look at me like I have three heads.  I’m usually amazed because I think we have to believe “me time” needs to be a 24 hour day in a hotel room without your kids or partner. That doesn’t need to be the case. You have to define what my time is for you. It’s possible that you will feel fully refreshed by taking a 20-minute long shower when your child goes to sleep. It could mean you need two girl weekends away a year. You decide what my time looks and feels for you.

Schedule It

Make a cute name for your me time. I keep it simple and just say Mommy’s Time Off. Then schedule the time. Make it part of your commitments. Prioritize that time just like you would prioritize work or child’s doctor appointment. Your time is just as important and requires your attention.

Stay in the Moment

Whether you gift yourself with five minutes a day or 5 days a year, work on focusing and enjoying the moment, which means you aren’t spending your time checking in on your kids or thinking about a deadline or worrying over a bill. During your you time, just focus on yourself and what you are doing at the moment.


Sending you love, Mommas!


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