One day you look up and see your child(ren) playing and living joyfully. Your heart skips a beat from the love pouring out to them. It’s an unstoppable love that spans time and space. I had a moment like this recently when I sat in awe by how these humans were once inside of me are now making their mark on the world. They don’t limit themselves because of fear.

As I watched them play, I started to admire how fearlessly they approach life. My baby started walking a few months ago and still does not have a good relationship with gravity. When he falls, he gets back on all fours and shakes his head, as if to say dammit that’s not what I wanted. He then picks himself right up and starts running towards his original destination.

Many of us take the ability to walk for granted, however from his perspective he has embarked on a whole new opportunity. The ability to move independently (without Mami carrying him around) in this world is a privilege and giving up isn’t an option; otherwise Mami will pick him right up and restrict his movements again. So, he trudges forward, no matter how many times he falls and no matter how hard it is. That is what I call living a fearless life!

Live a fearless life! <—- NO <—– Live a limitless Life!

Break Free From Fear

To be fully transparent, I have not gotten the hang of living a fearless life. I have anxiety, which for me has meant living with a constant sense of fear. However, I have learned to understand the concern and work with it rather than limit myself because of it. I do not believe we can live without fear. As human beings, fear is a survival instinct that is a part of us.

However, I have noticed that children are born willing to take risks whereas adults do allow fear to limit us.

We internalize fear because of our experiences, but it is really our ability to choose that determines how we live this life.

It’s your turn to remove limits.

As moms, we also internalize fear around our ability to be good moms, raise healthy children and meeting all the demands set before us. We are continually pushing ourselves to be “perfect” when “perfect” is just a myth.

So, why not break from the limits imposed upon you and work on your growth?

Begin shifting your mindset using the mantras below, to shift your life. I have a daily phone alarm set to go off at lunchtime reminding me to slow down, take a break and change any negative feelings I have at the moment.

Break Free From Fear

Lay a mental foundation of self-empowerment, self-love, and forgiveness that can support you in living with fear using the following messages.


1. “I am Enough”

You are enough. You are enough of a mom. You are enough of a woman. You are enough for this world.

You are in this life, and you can choose to live a robust, happy life. If you choose to diminish your self-worth, you only deny yourself and this world the honor of knowing the real you. In the moments when self doubt creeps in, remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect, You are enough, just as you are.

2. “Through Failure, I Learn to Grow”

I believe there is tremendous power in failing at something. If I do something correctly the very first time, I feel great however it doesn’t compare to the feeling I get after I’ve mastered something that challenges me. In motherhood, I am never going to be perfect. If I wake up late and have to rush out of the house, then that’s my failure in not having strong enough routines to get me out of the house on time. I see that morning rush to be an opportunity. A total mom fails, can become an opportunity to grow.

3. “I am Not Perfect, I Can Only Be Me”

I’ve written the word perfect several times throughout this post. I am bringing attention to that word because we place so much pressure on ourselves around being perfect. I’ve heard moms say:

  • After this baby, I’m going to bounce back and be perfect again. (Impossible) 
  • My house needs to be perfect for guests. (Impossible)

Perfection is an illusion. No human on this earth is perfect, yet we beat ourselves up when don’t do something correctly. The idea of perfection is only in your mind. You have the power to choose how you view yourself, and I’m pretty sure you will see how great you are. So, use the mantra above to remind yourself that being you, is the best thing ever!

If this is still very new to you and you want additional guidance. Follow along with this 28-Day Mindfulness for Moms Journey in order to shift your mindset.