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The more complex, whole and self-loving individuals we are, the more present we are for our children.

Elly Blanco-Rowe


Leaning into Resistance

As I lean into resistance, I name the resistance in order to take away its power. If I ignore the resistance and push past it I only continue to push that energy down and further clog up my ability to show up for anyone. However, when I lean into the resistance I can attach a feeling or a trigger to the resistance.

What does it mean to re-evaluate your life?

Have you had that moment where you wake up and wonder what is going on with my life? I think as humans it is refectory natural to have that moment. You had expectations for yourself and are wondering where the time went. As a mom,…

Tapping out when you are tapped out!

I know I am blessed. Today, I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, I was dizzy and felt like throwing up. I asked my mom to watch the boys for 2 hours so that I could nap. I know this is a privilege. In the…

Track yourself to free yourself…

I’ve been on a tracking phase lately. I’ve been tracking what I eat, how I sleep, my menstrual cycle, my bank account and how I use my time throughout the day. I don’t have have enough data to inform any decisions about my life yet…

3 Quick Ways to Put Yourself First

  You hear this phrase more and more these days, but while taking care of kids, bills, and everything else, where is the space/time to make time for you? I’m here with three quick tips on how to make that happen.   Define What “Me…

Mami on a Journey

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I am an educator and a coach. I work with you so that you can find clarity on what you want to do. I help you find ways to express yourself outside of your family.

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